June 2021 North Shuswap Kicker and South Shuswap Scoop Article

As we welcome June to the Shuswap, we also welcome Farmer’s Markets and the beginning of summer!  June is also the month that we celebrate fathers, often the dedicated yet unsung heroes of farming. 


Growing up on a farm in the Fraser Valley I understand the commitment farming takes and what my dad did to create a life for us.  Farming is a 24x7 business and even on holidays, dads (and moms too of course) have chores to do so we grew up learning the meaning of long hard days.  As my dad liked to remind me, chickens don’t take a day off!  My dad taught me how to make change at the farm gate, catch chickens in the dark, mix a little sand with small seeds so as not to over plant and many other lifelong skills.  While we didn’t have Farmers Markets back then, I know if we had, it would have been a further opportunity for my dad to share his passion and his knowledge with us.   


This spring the farmers in the Shuswap have been so busy birthing herds and preparing crops.   As all the markets for the summer open, we are so lucky to reap the benefit of their hard work!  If you’ve already been to Shuswap markets this year, you’ve been enjoying fresh from the greenhouse kale, multi coloured eggs, delicious honey and jams and baking that is so good you convince yourselves there are no calories!  (at least that is what we do!).   


This month more Shuswap markets open including Scotch Creek on Sundays, Celista on Wednesdays, and Sicamous on Friday evenings.  New this year is Market by the Bay in Blind Bay on Thursday nights.  That means that throughout the summer you can find a Farmer’s Market in the Shuswap six days a week!   


Nigel and I wish a Happy Father’s Day to all the Shuswap dads, especially the farming fathers who bring us so many delicious local delights and perhaps we will see you at one of our Shuswap Farmers Markets! 


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