March 2021 South Shuswap Scoop Article

Perhaps you haven’t asked but we did because to be honest, we were having a hard time finding a list of eateries for the Gateway to the Shuswap so, we decided to do our own investigating.  Full disclosure – we aren’t food critics, we are food lovers.

Like many of us who live in the Heart of the Shuswap (and you can decide for yourself where that is), we often drive by Chase but we rarely stop.  How often do you take the exit to downtown and how often do you stop in for a piece of pie, a meal or mug of tea?  Perhaps you will consider it when you learn what we learned -  that there is some really good grub only a few moments away from Highway 1.

Coming from the coast we are big sushi fans and we were delighted to learn that Chase is home to U-Thi Sushi and Grill.  Of course, we had to try their “Shuswap Roll” which is a deep fried Dynamite Roll with Spicy Salmon on top.  Dynamite Rolls are a big favourite of mine and this one was amazing.  U-Thi also serves a Korean menu including bibimbap and just because, they also offer poutine, Pad Thai and Butter Chicken! All the international flavours right here folks.

We are also big pie fans and of course the Shuswap Pie Company is our most well-known (and delicious) but did you know that Chase has not one, not two but three places right on Shuswap Avenue that you can get great baked treats?  A few months back after a hiking the Upper Flume Trail we stopped in at Inside Out Coffee and got a delicious slice of blueberry crumble pie.  I swear it was a quarter size!  Wandering the street, we also came across Craig’s Bakery which based on the number of customers inside (proper social distancing rules applied), is not a local secret.  They serve pie by the slice and whole pies too along with a wide variety of lunch specials and bakery takeaways.   We also took a peek into Natty Confectionary and Bakeshop.  As the name implies, Natty’s offers a selection of baked goods and a few English favourites including Scotch Eggs and Bakewell Slice.  Perfect with a steaming mug of Earl Grey or one of their custom lattes.  We hear they also make a mighty fine Benny and a Full English breakfast.

If you are looking for a different slice of pie, Pete’s Pizza makes all their items 100% fresh and in-house.  They also serve Greek dishes, pasta and ribs and have recently added cauliflower crust to their selection as a great gluten free option.   When we commented on their Facebook page that we loved their tag line Peter Stratikopoulos aka “ Pete” shared with us “when we started this restaurant when we were just kids back in 2008. Since that time we have gotten married, moved locations, had two beautiful daughters and grown our business. Our customers have truly watched us grow in so many ways and are like family to us!”

You can’t talk about food in Chase without a stop at the Safety Mart.  I have to admit, before I discovered it was a grocery store and deli, I thought it was, you know, a place that sold safety equipment.   Oops.   If you haven’t been you’re in for a treat to check out the décor alone.  Now the folks in Chase are pretty proud of their hockey team the Chase Heat.  (so sad this season was cancelled).  Safety Mart is like a sports hall of fame complete with an arena that even includes a penalty box.  Fans should stop in just to check it out and while you are there, pick up bbq fixings from Tappen Valley Meats and you’ll also find two favourite local coffee makers Shuswap Coffee Company and Frog Friendly where else but in the coffee aisle.  Fantastic customer service too.

The next time you are hankering for some sushi or some pie you might just find yourself in Chase!