May 2021 South Shuswap Scoop Article

What is more fitting for this month of mothers than really cool stories about two young Shuswap entrepreneurs who not only are sharing their love of food, but learning the rules of business from their moms! 

 So have you met the Samosa Kid yet? I had the pleasure to meet ten year old Armaan and his lovely mom Prab recently and this kid is the real deal. Smart and thoughtful, he and his mom have created a samosa business that is really taking off!   

When I asked Armaan why samosas, he told me because they are one of his favourite foods and he thought that the Shuswap could use a little more food culture. He is donating some of the proceeds to the Shuswap hospital in memory of his aunt who passed away from Guillain-Barre syndrome at age 28.  They recently proudly presented a cheque for $500 to the foundation.   

While a family friend makes the samosas, Armaan is doing everything else. Under the gentle guidance of his mom, Armaan tracks his sales, packages up the product and gives everyone a professional customer experience. Prab told me that it was more about teaching him life skills and less about gross profits but given he has sold over 1,500 samosas in the first month, the profits may come sooner than later!  

While the Samosa Kid is pretty awesome, he's also a pretty normal ten year old. He likes the idea of playing basketball or American football and he knew exactly what a sports scholarship was.  

Speaking of awesome kids, meet Daniel.   When Daniel said he wanted a lemonade stand, it was a quick yes from his mom Kristal. But like Prab, Kristal felt there was an opportunity to learn as well as to earn. She explained the costs involved, goods, advertising, employees etc. and he wasn’t deterred.  Daniel hired five employees and they sold $113 worth of lemonade in one day! They even had to turn away customers as they ran out of goods (possibly due in part to "product testing" by the staff she says). After paying their expenses, a couple of kids took their share of the proceeds, and four decided to reinvest a portion of the money and make this an ongoing business.  

Perhaps soon you won't' need Taste of the Shuswap to tell you about Armaan the Samosa Kid or Daniel the Lemonade Kid because these two could be well on their way to successful entrepreneurial careers.  Or maybe they will learn their lessons, and after paying their expenses, they will take their profits and spend the money on their other passions like bikes or balls.  Regardless, these two moms have done something special for their boys and in this month of mothers, we honour them and all the other mothers who are teaching their kids life skills.   

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