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November 2020 North Shuswap Kicker Article

Taste of the Shuswap is delighted to make your acquaintance.  We are Margaret and Nigel, transplants from the lower mainland corporate world now living our dream in Eagle Bay on beautiful Shuswap Lake.  Over the past four years we have been discovering local and delicious culinary experiences and Taste of the Shuswap was born out of a desire to support so many wonderful local businesses.  We look forward to sharing them with you. 

For our first column we want to share an experience that is likely very familiar to you but was new to us! 

Nigel is originally from London England and has been missing his “local” which translates into the English version of a community centre where you can have a pint, visit with neighbours, listen to a bit of music and even play some games and quizzes. 


On a visit to North Shuswap where we hiked the Adams River trail, we tried out the Scotch Creek Hub and we were delightfully surprised to find the closest thing to a “local” but with Canadian flare.  The buzz was apparent from the moment we entered as the clientele was a mix of families, couples and adventure seekers and the stage ready to go promised entertainment later that day.  The food choices were excellent, and Nigel was pleased to see his very favourite local pour, Back Hand of God from Crannog Ales was on tap.  Has he found his new local? 

I’m sure you are aware but new to us was the fact the Hub was given new life several years ago by three couples born and raised in the North Shuswap who got excited to expand and create some serious entertainment for all of the Shuswap to experience. With strong roots in food and beverage - they also own BeTeased food truck which has just been put to bed for the season on Thanksgiving weekend.  We did get a chance to try BeTeased twice this summer and it has become a ‘go to’ especially when we have vegetarian guests.   We haven’t yet tried their newest venture The Café , which looks to be offering  some very yummy breakfast specials.   


Great food, fun entertainment and about as local as you can get. Now more than ever it is important that we support our local businesses and the best thing about doing so is that we are rarely disappointed and often find wonderful surprises in our own backyard.  No need to venture further than the Shuswap to find fresh, tasty and often unique experiences.  Sometimes you even can find a hint of home.   Now if they would just arrange for boat mooring so we can easily get over from Eagle Bay on a more regular basis! 

You can find Taste of the Shuswap on Instagram @TasteoftheShuswap and on our website   Please follow along with us! 

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