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Shuswap Specials - Valentine's in the SHU

Valentine's Day 2021 may be a little different but our wonderful Shuswap vendors have lots of ideas to make your day special.   Just click on an image to go right to the Instagram offer.  

The Scotch Creek Hub 



Caffe Tasse


Monte Creek

file 2021-02-02, 4 35 56 pm.jpeg

Bistro 1460

bistro 1460.jpeg

Marionette Winery

marionette winery.jpeg

Shuswap Shop Local


Wooden Sweets


Ecotreats Cafe

eco treats.jpeg

Canoe Beach Café 

file 2021-02-02, 9 30 22 am.jpeg

Country Bakery

file 2021-02-02, 11 53 28 am.jpeg

Blind Bay Grocer

blind bay grocer.jpeg

Candy Vault

candy vault.jpeg

The Handmade Shoppe

the handmade shop.jpeg

Shuswap Infusion Tea

shuswap infusion tea.jpeg

Shuswap Coffee

shuswap coffee.jpeg

Cocoa and Caramel by loslobos

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